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It’s the million dollar view. The million dollar view for half the price.  You come to Ramona to live in the country and you want to live outdoors. The town of Ramona offers you everything you need for your every day living. Great shopping. You’ve got your big grocery stores. You got great little cafes and restaurants. It’s just a really neat, quaint town.

We’re a fairly new builder. We’re building new, innovative homes. All our homes are coming standard with solar. We’re really taking the sustainable high quality home angle with all of our communities. This community here is special in the way that it’s on large lots. We have two to four acre lots, with good usability. A lot of distance between your neighbors. Not so right on top of you like a lot of communities are.

You can notice on all of our floor plans they’re all centered around outdoor living. Like this house, for instance, you got the outside patio, you got the main living area, you got the kitchen, you got the dining, you got the formal living, you got the master. They all surround and have access to the outdoor patio. It’s like an extension of the house. That’s the theme we wanted to bring. It’s truly country outdoor living.

“We chose Ramona because it’s a beautiful development. It’s Black Mountain Estates. It’s beautiful views out here. You can see. The lot that we got, it’s right up on the mountain and we got views of the Cleveland National Forest. When we look this way we see the Ramona. The weather’s beautiful. It’s actually cooler than it is in San Diego right now.”

“One thing I like the most about our home besides location is, it’s solar, it’s a greenhouse. Solar’s the way of the future. We’re going to use the sun to energize our home. With the builders, every person we’ve worked with has very excellent customer service and follow through.

“Time wise it’s been very fast and efficient, which is a good thing because we want to go through escrow. We want to take our things to our house. The house is already built. It’s going by very quickly and efficiently.”

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