Several weeks ago, I had the chance to visit the site of a recent Encinitas Contemporary Remodel by the Dalzell Group and chat with Kevin & Ryan about what they had in store for their Encinitas property. Today I checked in with them to see the completed site for future filming. When I first saw their work, I knew the property would end up looking incredible as in the past I’ve been such a fan of their work.  Seeing the start and finished product really gave me a new found appreciation for the art of remodeling property. The final product really exceeded my expectations.

The entrance to the Encinitas Contemporary Remodel is stunning. At the end of a long driveway, a path leads to a huge glass door, surrounded by a unique mix of concrete walls and wooden panels. The addition of dark steel beams adds sophistication and a contemporary feel to the construction, while some palms pay homage to its San Diego setting and keep it from feeling cold. Glass windows, doors and walls fill the entire home with bright light and provide great views to the backyard. The line between the indoors and outdoors is blurred; the living room seems to seamlessly extend to the outdoor patio in the courtyard, making it the perfect house to host parties and events. The central patio can be accessed from almost all areas of the house; it’s large enough to host events, but cozy enough to use as a family hang-out spot on summer nights.

The outdoor architecture is perfectly reflected inside through the furniture and interior design. Wooden floors and tables mirror the wood panels on the central structure. The wood ranges from white washed sliding doors to sandy-colored floor boards and natural wood tables, but a unified color palette keeps them harmonious. The unfinished wood contrasts the smooth concrete and metal surfaces, ensuring the home retains a relaxed feeling. Dark metal furniture and detailing paired with concrete countertops and fireplaces match the outdoor walls and beams. The entire design is unified by white walls that keep the home open and inviting.

I really enjoyed seeing what a talented group of designers could do to transform a property. The final result is upscale yet welcoming, elegant yet relaxed. It’s the perfect place to host summer cocktail parties and family get-togethers over the holidays, while still giving kids plenty of space to play outdoors. The Dalzell Group managed to create an incredibly versatile, stylish space by juxtaposing the lush, wild look of the backyard with the sleek structure of the Encinitas Contemporary Remodel. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with next!

– David A. Moya

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