Amber Anderson is a La Jolla Luxury Realtor and has a great story, I wanted her to share a little bit of her marketing techniques, but she has an interesting story that she was one of the first five Sotheby’s agents to start off and that has over $50 million in inventory.

David: So tell us a little bit about what you did differently in 2014 that set you apart.

Amber: You know, I think we really have a different strategy when it comes to marketing and selling homes and we try to be creative and think out of the box. I think there’s three primary things that we do different than other realtors. The first has to do with the marketing. Most people just take a couple photos and throw it in the dream homes magazine, and we really take a different…so we take steps like… sending out true press releases for the home. All the way down, of course, we do all the high caliber photography and night shoots but we also leverage video which has been very powerful in really showcasing the…estates because unfortunately, photos, still shots just can’t do it. And I think the third one that’s really been powerful, and just again getting creative and finding new ways to market these homes has been our private client events. We recently partnered up with Tesla and did a drive experience. We had kitchen exchange come in and do the catering, and again, trying to get high caliber, high qualified individuals into the home, so they can try it on and experience what it’s like through our private client events. So again, just thinking out of the box, and we’re hustlers. We’re trying to do everything we can to help our clients get their homes sold, and sold for the highest price more importantly.

David: Fantastic, Amber thanks for coming on today. Check the description below, we’ll put some of your contact information, some websites where they can check out videos regarding the marketing, the party you guys did with Tesla, maybe some listing videos. I think it’d be great to see some of what you’re doing, so.

Amber: Yeah, well thank you very much. We appreciate to be on.

David: Thanks, thanks so much.

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