David: Hi, this is David Moya with videosellsrealestate.com, today I’m here with Amber Anderson with Anderson White & Associates. And we just finished shooting a video about marketing architecturally significant homes and she’s got a great system and I wanted her to talk a little bit about that specifically. Could you do that for us today?

Amber: Absolutely, because there is a difference when you have an architecturally significant home. There really has to be some notoriety or some buzz created with that property, and I think what truly signifies Sotheby’s International Realty is our partnership with Architectural Digest. So while most realtors have the opportunity of placing an ad in the magazine, one of things that we get when we have such a significant property because of our relationship, is the ability to have posts on their social media feed. So we’ve had our property as the feature home on Instagram. We’ve had it as the feature blog on Architectural Digest. We also do editorial pieces that are really functioning to create this PR buzz specifically around the home and the designer and the architect, because a lot of the architects we represent are known all over the world. And when you’re trying to attract an international buyer, which in many cases these homes are attracting, you really need to be able to reach the masses with regard to their popularity, because we can leverage the fame of the designer. So there’s really a couple of ways we do it. One is the PR, one is the relationship with Architectural Digest, but I think a huge, huge factor is our videos, and really being able to showcase those on all of those mediums. So Luxury Properties, which is the leading magazine in Asia, Luxury magazine in Asia, has featured our property and it’s all because it’s part of the package. And for our clients we’re not doing them any success if we’re not getting the entire word out, but not just locally, all over the world because buyers come from everywhere.

David: Well, we just had an opportunity to work with you, actually from A to Z in terms of marketing that home in La Jolla, the “Ray House.”

Amber: Right.

David: And we’re putting together a video about that specifically so I’ll be sure to include that at the bottom of this video in the description section. But, yeah, today we’re here filming, we’re actually, if you hear a lot of noise in the background it’s because, they’re, actually the team is getting ready to do a showing, so.

Amber: Multi-tasking here. But I think, in the end, modern homes or architectural homes do have a little bit of their own kind of special game that they deserve and we’ve really been able to capitalize that along with the support we have with Sotheby’s. So I think the video in itself will speak for itself and I hope everyone enjoyed it.

David: Yeah. Thanks for hanging out with us here today.

Amber: You got it.

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