Hi this is David Moya with videosellsrealestate.com, and today I wanted to chat with you guys about the REBA (Real Estate Broaker’s Association) Caravan purchase that I was able to participate in. I just corrected my bandwidth here. It was a little bit on the slow side, now it’s caught up to my voice. Anyway, it’s a little closer, back up a little bit. Anyway, every Wednesday REBA (Real Estate Broaker’s Association) members get together in La Jolla, and go on caravan. We do a little pitch session. I recently became a member. It was a great group to be a part of, so I decided to join about two weeks ago. And I visited three La Jolla Homes after the pitch session which I wanted to share with you guys. Fantastic La Jolla homes, they range from 10,000 square foot property to a new construction. It was amazing.

So I’m going to switch over to my screen share, and you’ll take a look at what I have here. I’ll just pull it up really quickly. Again, this all takes place during, you know, the REBA (Real Estate Broaker’s Association) Caravan. I want to make sure that showed up nicely. Okay, there it is. Let’s go back to this one first.

So this one is at 6019 Avenida Cresta in La Jolla, California. This is a 10,000 square foot estate. I mean, this thing is amazing. You set foot on this property, you thinking, “Where am I, some sort of high end hotel, resort?” You name it. It’s fantastic. The entrance is very welcoming and just the whole house is very elegant and classy.

My favorite part actually was outside here in the courtyard with the pool. That’s actually where they served the food and beverages, and we had a great time. There was Italian food. There was actually someone playing the piano, a professional, in the piano room. I’ll show you that right now unless I’ve passed it. There you go, theaters, not theaters plural but a theater.

Everything you would want in a 10,000 square foot La Jolla home, they had it there. So my favorite part was this area right here, just being outside. I almost got lost a couple times it was so grand but very nice property. You’ve got to go see it if you’re interested. Let me see if I can scroll back and see if I find. . .there it is, piano, the gentleman was playing here. It carried throughout the room beautifully, again, this elegance’s classy, such a phenomenal property.

Let’s go over to the second La Jolla home I visited which was at 5962 Avenida Chamnez, in La Jolla, California. This La Jolla home is a new construction, fantastic property. The views were amazing. You can check out, you know, a video I believe they’ve done on this property. The location is amazing. The indoor outdoor feel for me was just the highlight. So we take a look obviously a lot of doors, a lot of windows, panoramic views. I’ll get to those real quick but just the inside made me feel like I was in a model home.

Everything was immaculate, clean, well done. I love the wood features so for me this was definitely something I could see myself living in for sure. Let’s take a look at some view shots. Look at this, amazing. I mean, imagine sitting out on your deck enjoying some tea or some wine, taking a little break from the hard life in La Jolla just sitting down in your deck. It’s an amazing property, again, sliding doors everywhere, retractable. It’s amazing. You’ve got to have that type of door to have that amazing lifestyle. Imagine hosting events and parties here, being able to walk in and out seamlessly, fantastic. The master was actually on the first bedroom- I mean first floor, and then you have the other rooms- the kitchen. I’m sorry the kitchen was also on the first floor and then you go downstairs and have the other bedrooms. Something to see, this was an amazing La Jolla home.

All right, so let’s go to 5945 Avenida Chamnez which was across the street. This La Jolla home, let me clarify, was not on Caravan but she was the agent showing the property, so it happened to be good timing for her and a lot of agents were able to go over and see this property. I believe that’s the master. Great views. All right, so this one was the 5945 Avenida Chamnez which was like- Chamnez I believe that’s how you pronounce it, anyway, across the street. My favorite part about this La Jolla home was this very open area between two rooms, a lot of natural light coming in, very welcoming, very warm, a lot of new features. But, again, my favorite part was just this open room here, natural light coming through, can’t ask for any more natural light to come through. That is just the perfect sunroom. You can sit around and lounge, relax, have a great conversation. You can definitely entertain people on this property no doubt. Across the street, very nice views as well, updated features, nice backyard and definitely one to go check out as well.

If you guys hear that noise in the background I apologize. It looks like it’s coming from some feedback, but hopefully it’s not too distracting. Let me get back on to me here, if you guys take a look, there it is. All right guys well thank you so much for checking this out. Again, it was just a recap. I just chose these three homes kind of randomly based on random thoughts on what I wanted to see. I didn’t think I’d see three. I thought I was going to see two but because that other house so happened to be open, I wanted to see that construction, that new construction. So anyway we’ll see you guys next week. I’m going to try and do this every Friday, just to give you of a recap, show you a little bit about La Jolla homes and La Jolla real estate and provide some additional exposure for the agents who have some amazing homes.

So again, David Moya with videosellsrealestate.com, I’ll see you next time.


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