Preparing a Script – Script Guideline (property)

  • Opening Paragraph (3-4 sentences)
    • General Short Statements – about the home’s setting (i.e. “nestled away in the prestigious enclave…”)
    • Specific Short Statements – about 3 key selling features of the property (i.e. Ocean Views, Single-Level Living, etc.)
      • Will revisit these features in the main body but in more detail.
  • Agent Intro (1-2 sentences) – “What I really love about 1234 Main Street, is it’s…”
  • Main Body (1-2 paragraphs) – key features of the home but in more detail
    • Walk the viewers through what it feels like to:
      1. driving/walking up to the property.
      2. walking through the main entrance.
      3. follow natural flow of the house (refer to floor plans or the way you present the home in its best light)
        1. if unsure of natural flow
          • common areas (kitchen, family room)
          • master suite
          • backyard
      4. mention additional rooms (game room, library, etc.)
  • Community/Neighborhood/City Information
    • What makes living in this community so great?
    • Mention 2-3 Key Points of Interest (beach, park, etc.)
  • Close (1-2 sentences)
    • Sum up the community and home selling features
  • Incorporate the details of your MLS sheet into the script as much as possible

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