David: Hi, this is David Moya with videosellsrealestate.com today I’m with Scott Voak. He’s a managing partner with Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty for the Inland North County area. Scott was talking to me about some specialized marketing and how you can create an auction environment for San Diego homes. I wanted him to talk about that, so Scott thanks for being on today and if you could share with us your information regarding selling San Diego homes.

Scott: Thanks for having me David. The idea really is that real estate agents tend to look at homes as commodities when in fact each San Diego home, even on a subdivision, has something distinct about it.

David: Sure.

Scott: It’s our job with Sotheby’s really to find what’s the distinct thing that’s going to create more interest. Sotheby’s is famous for as an auction house, they sell tea cups for millions of dollars. The only way you create an auction is to have more than one person interested in the same product at the same time. Whether we’re doing a lot of pre-advertising using your services to create some really good videos and trailers just create some excitement out there. So people know about the house, as soon as we go on the market we have more than one qualified buyer looking to bid on the house. There are so many tools we have at our disposal partly because we’re Sotheby’s and partly because we’re just willing to spend more to get the right results and you’ve been very influential and very helpful on that because you’ve got some great videos out there it actually does sell real estate.

David: That’s the point. That’s why we call – the website is videosellsrealestate.com, because we believe in that and we understand the value that content provides for you but what’s really important is what you do with it. What you do with it is amazing and by providing that content and syndicating it and getting it out there, you do provide that demand for your San Diego homes and you do create that auction and environment which I was a part of. We did a video, I’ll put the link description, but you talk a little bit more about it which for me sets you apart.

Scott: The videos are big part of it, you also work with good photographers. You’ve got some on your staff. I’m a real estate agent, let’s face it our fees are pretty high and that’s just the industry standard. But I know how to reinvest my own money. I know how to spend a couple of thousand dollars, make the San Diego Homes look better than they really do. I always feel good when a buyer comes into the house and says the pictures and the video were better than the house. That’s good that got you in the door, now I can sell you the house. You don’t come to the door I can’t sell it to you. It’s getting people in there trying to create a situation where three, four, five buyers are tripping over the house at the same time. If they’re walking through bumping into each other we’re going to get a good offer.

David: Well I know you guys work hard and thank you for having us be part of your marketing efforts and thank you for being on.

Scott: Thanks for coming in and having me on.

David: Thank you.

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